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Department of general and clinical immunology and allergology

 Department of general and clinical immunology and allergology was founded in July, 1994. Mykola Mykolaevych Popov, PhD (Medicine) is the Full Professor and the chief of the Department of general and clinical immunology and allergology of Medical School of Kharkiv V.N. Karazin’ National University.

Presently the department is a scientific center with a broad informative and experimental base, modern technologies of teaching and conducting of experimental and clinical researches. Under the department supervision the joint educational, methodical and scientific seminars are conducted, uniting the specialists of immunology, microbiology, infectious diseases, dermatology and tuberculosis.

A staff of the department involves 1 full professor (Doctor of medical science, PhD), 9 associate professors (Candidates of Medicine), 3 assistants (Candidates of Medicine), 5 assistants (lecturers) including 2 postgraduate students. The followed courses are taught on the department: microbiology and virology, general and clinical immunology and allergology, infectious diseases, tuberculosis, epidemiology, skin and sexual diseases, the HIV/AIDS problems, and the special course «Clinical parasitology and tropical medicine».

The clinical and scientific bases of department are presented as followed: The Institute of cryobiology and cryomedicine problems of Ukraine National Academy of Science; The Kharkiv Regional clinical hospital of infectious diseases; The Kharkiv Regional children’s hospital №1; The Kharkiv Regional children’s center of clinical immunology; The Kharkiv dermatovenerologic dispensary of the city Moscow district, The Kharkiv Regional TB dispensary № 7.

The department supports the scientific collaboration and communication with leading educational, research and medical establishments of Kharkov.

On the department post-graduate tuition by correspondence and full-time post-graduate tuition are conducted as well as a student scientific group functions. Students take active part in the department investigational work; mutually with teachers conduct the examination of patients on the clinical bases; actively participate on city, country and international scientific meetings, conventions and competitions; make independent and in the coauthor with teachers scientific publications. In 2005 and 2007 years 3 students became winners in Ukrainian country competitions of student scientific works at the meeting of medical students and young scientists.

On a department all lecture material is taught with the help of multimedia technique and other auxiliary technique.

Scientists of the department are authors of 56 textbooks and еducational materials that are already published as well as independent works of students. On all disciplines are arranged tests for the control of students’ knowledge.

The active forms of teaching that are included in the educational process are as followed but not limited to abstract lectures on the most actual themes, new classifications, research methods and recommendations on medical treatment; discussion of difficult and rare clinical cases with demonstration of laboratory results and instrumental researches, which are based on evidential medicine. The computer testing on the modules and preparation to the Ukrainian licensed exam KROK-1 and KROK-2 are the necessary parts of educational process.

The scientific work of the department is connected to:

  • development of effective technologies of rehabilitation of the immune system in children and adults that are often suffer from infectious-inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system and ENT-organs;
  • study of genetic features of M. tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients;
  • study of pathogenesis, immunohistochemistry, clinical, genetic and  pathomorphological features of pandemic influenza H1N1.
  • development of effective methods of therapy of chronic viral hepatitis. Immunogenetical, histochemical researches of infection diseases, immunotherapy in patients with liver cirrhosis.

The scientists of the department are the authors of modern technologies of medical treatment of the combined dysfunction of hemopoiesis and immunogenesis, applications of methods of cellular and tissue therapy. Popov M.M. is the author of complex lymphomyelotransplantation. Original methods of diagnostics and treatment of autoimmune, infectious-inflammatory and allergic diseases are developed in the department. Scientific researches of department are confirmed by 35 patents and 42 methodical recommendations for medical treatment and prophylaxis of infectious-inflammatory diseases.

The staff of the department organized 15 scientific meetings; they are the authors of published significant scientific, scientific and methodological, methodological and educational works, including 7 monographs, 10 textbooks, 35 manuals and more than 1500 articles in the native and foreign scientific editions.